Create Space Interiors work with a wide range of Partitions to suit the Client’s requirements, from Industrial Plants to Executive Offices. We provide all types of Partitioning including the Traditional Stud Partitions, Glazed or Glass Partitions, and Solid Demountable Partitions.

Partitions are very important and versatile in the Modern Office. They can help meet your Aesthetic, Acoustic, Privacy and Fire Regulation Requirements. We can advise our Client’s which type of Partition/s will work best for their Project to achieve bright and flexible work spaces.

  • Solid or Stud Office Partitions can be enhanced with a wide variety of washable vinyl finishes and designs.
  • Glazed Partitions can be clear or frosted with a bespoke design, colour and Company Logo to suit your requirements. They can be complemented by a variety of integral blinds to provide privacy when needed.
  • Glass Partitions are a great alternative to Solid Partitions.  They allow light to get through & can divide a room into Offices to provide an element of privacy without making your Office seem small.
  • Office Partitions can be a mixure of Glazed and Stud Partition to utilize your Office space to it’s maximum potential.

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