Office Fit Outs

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Office Fit Outs require specialist knowledge in office building, services and furniture.  At Create Space Interiors, we have the right balance of knowledge and skills which makes an enormous difference to office fit outs.  Whether you have a small office or large office, there are so many things to consider: budgets, time scheduling, design options, light consideration, optimum usage of space, minimum disruption to the business etc.

Create Space Interiors can act as site managers to deliver turn-key office fit outs or work alongside other main Contractors to deliver the finished product. Our turn-key package will transform your building into bespoke offices, creating your ideal working environment. We can look after the Design, Materials, Lighting, Furniture and Accessories. We take care of Installation, Commissioning and Handover ensuring the works are carried out within Health and Safety Standards. We always undertake to carry out these works with minimum disruption to the day to day running of your business. We will work closely with you ensuring that all your requirements are met.

For refurbishments of existing offices we can re-design and re-invent your existing premises and save you the cost of relocating. We can create Storage Solutions and Open Plan Offices. We can re-arrange Partitions and Offices, thus creating the allusion of a much more Spacious, Modern and Welcoming Office Environment.

Office Fit Outs – Planning

There are many aspects of your office environment that may influence the way in which your office fit out plan is formulated.  In today’s high performance workplace, space planning has changed to support the team and individual worker, as opposed to simply just the business requirements.  The purpose of space planning is to design the office around the worker and this is often achieved with a more flexible configuration in a smaller floor space.

When we plan your office fit out, each “department” will be analysed for it’s square meterage based on team members, job function and traffic flow.  The initial planning phases of any project are the most important.  Future growth and expansion can be accommodated by planning for it now, rather than later, when changes could be a far more expensive, disruptive option.

     At Create Space Interiors we will help you with the following considerations:

  • Privacy Vs Interaction
  • Open Plan Spaces
  • Hot Desking
  • Glazed Partitioned Offices
  • Stud Wall Partitioned Offices
  • Noise Levels
  • Lighting
  • Floor Space and Plan
  • Building Code and Disability Access Requirement
  • Fire Regulations
  • Health & Safety Regulations