Glass Partitions

Glass Partitions are a professional, contemporary & practical way of dividing Offices – providing sound privacy without making the office seem smaller, in fact it can make your space seem larger.

Glazed Partitions can also be set up so that natural light is not blocked and thus saves energy. The greatest financial reward of having glass partitions is to reduce dependency on lights in the office throughout the day. This means less electricity is used and thus saves money and increases the Office’s Energy Rating. This not just helps the company in saving electricity and money but it also has a positive effect on the environment.

Dividing a room using Transparent or Frosted Partitions is much cheaper than building traditional walls for separation and they give a great amount of flexibility. Glass Partitions can be easily remounted and can be moved from one place to another in case extra space is needed or a small office is to be made in a particular area of your existing office. In such cases, Glazed Partitions are very helpful and flexible. If you need to change the layout of your office Glass Partitions can be dismantled and put up somewhere else.

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