Domestic Services

We can help in designing your extensions and renovations. Our designs will maximize your use of space and create a comfortable warm atmosphere in your home. If it’s converting your attic or adding an extra room, we can complete the job with minimum upset to your daily lives. We have a professional team that will ensure all your requirements are met. We can Insulate and dry line your home or part of your home to create a warm, energy efficient environment.

We can design and make your kitchen to suit you and your family’s needs. We can make suggestions and great Storage Solutions for your Kitchen, to give an illusion of space and light. We can integrate your appliances, add in new design features, choose a painted or varnished finish. We design everything down to the roughtering on the doors and dovetailing on the drawers.

We offer a design and manufacturing service for one off bespoke pieces. You can choose the type of woods to be used, the style and the finish. We can tailor make any furniture, shelving, storage, and cabinets.